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Little Dippers

Cosmic Rays

Climbing Comets

Shining Stars

$65 per month

Adult & Child, age 2

Class meets once weekly for 45min.

Designed as a "stay & play" class, this class is the perfect introduction for your child to gymnastics! In this class, not only does each young gymnast get to play and learn, but you do too! The focus of this class is on developing fine and gross motor skills as well as encouraging independence by promoting cooperation and enthusiasm!

*Due to limited floor space, only one adult is permitted on the floor per child enrolled*

$65 per month

Co-ed, age 3

Class meets once weekly for 45min.

This class serves at the ultimate introduction to independent learning! With a continued focus placed upon fine and fross motor skill development, this class is a natural next step for your growing gymnast. In addition to motor skills, children will enjoy a class that integrates music, education, and obstacle courses as ways to develop and test their body awareness.  Fitness and fun is sure to fill each and every class as they explore movements using gymnastics equipment.

$65 per month

Co-ed, age 4

Class meets once weekly for 45min.

This preschool-aged class is packed full of continued development and refinement of motor skills and body awareness through developmental activities. Designed as an introduction to foundational gymnastics movements,  young gymnasts will begin to apply their learning to various gymnastics equipment and explore the possibilities of the world of gymnastics! 

$75 per month

Boys or Girls, age 5

Class meets once weekly for 55min.

In this class children will begin to learn more advanced gymnastics movements. Boys and girls will be separated in order to introduce them to the specific gymnastics apparatus they will be working on when they transition out of our preschool program. Not only will this class introduce new structures, young gymnasts will venture out into the main gym to begin their learning on full sized equipment, a necessary step for those looking to continue their gymnastics education. 


Our preschool gymnastics program provides the opportunity for your child to learn the basic fundamentals of gymnastics, while employing social skills and enhancing cognitive development in a safe and fun environment! Each of our class offerings promotes the growth, development, and well-being of all our little ones by engaging children as young as 18 months old in learning through fun and  play.

In Preschool, it is recommended that you start with a trial class. Preschool trial classes are offered at no cost. Trial classes help ensure that the child is able to thrive in a structured class environment. Once the class has ended, the coach will discuss options for enrollment. Call to schedule your trial today: (919) 372-4012

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